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Eastern, OR Land for sale :

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Eastern Region, OR
LandWatch lists thousands of farms, ranches and other rural acreage for sale in Oregon's Eastern region, including hunting land, cabins, recreational properties and land auctions. Based on total acres, the Eastern region of Oregon has the most rural land listings for sale in the state on LandWatch. LandWatch recently had $816 million of rural property, ranches, farms and hunting land for sale in Eastern region, a slight drop compared to last month. This represents a total of 610,402 acres of land for sale. The average price of land and ranches for sale here is $696,567, a 3 percent decrease compared to last month.

Eastern Oregon includes much of the eastern portion of the state from north to south, and borders Washington to the north, Idaho to the east and Nevada and California to the south. The largest cities in the region are Hermiston and Pendleton, with other large cities being La Grande, Baker City, Milton-Freewater, Canyon City, Burns, Enterprise, Ontario, Vale, Condon and Lakeview.

The primary industry in the region is agriculture, with wheat being the largest crop, with the region which includes part of the Columbia Plateau, is considered one of the premier wheat-producing regions in the world. South of the wheat-producing areas, agricultural activity is limited more to livestock grazing except where irrigation is available, with the primary crop being alfalfa hay. Timber and mining were once key industries, and though still contributors to the economy, are decreasing. Cultural tourism, agritourism and ecotourism continue to develop. Eastern Oregon State and Treasure Valley Community College are located in the region.

Eastern Oregon offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, with areas of the high desert to rugged mountainous areas of the Eagle Cap Wilderness area. There are more than 20 protected areas in the region, including Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge, Cols Springs National Wildlife Refuge, McKay Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Umatilla National Forest, Wallowa National Forest, Fremont National Forest, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Deschutes National Forest, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Wallowa Whitman National Forest, Malheur National Forest, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail, and a number of other state parks and wildlife areas. Anthony Lakes is the largest ski resort in Eastern Oregon, and Spout Springs is another ski resort located in the Umatilla National Forest. The Owyhee River provides a pristine desert river canyon experience, and the Snake River offers boating that ranges from quiet drift through the desert to thrills of class II and III and higher rapids. Some other attractions in the region include Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum, Hot Lake Springs, Jordan Craters, featuring a 27 square-mile olivine basalt lava flow, Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, Oregon Trail Agriculture Museum, Sunrise Iron Museum, Wallowa Lake Tramway, the steepest vertical gondola ride in North America, Children's Museum of Eastern Oregon, Eastern Oregon Fire Museum and Grant County Ranch and Rodeo Museum.

Lake County is located in the southwestern corner of Oregon's Eastern region, and borders California and Nevada to the south. It is named for the many lakes located in the county, including Lake Abert, Summer Lake, Hart Lake and Goose Lake, with 16 named lakes in total either partly or completely located in the county. Lakeview is the largest city and the county seat. Paisley is the other city in the county and there are less than 15 other census- designated places and unincorporated communities. The economy is based on lumber, agriculture, natural resource extraction, healthcare and government. There are a number of cattle ranches, and irrigation has also allowed some agriculture based upon raising livestock and growing hay and grain, in spite of low rainfall and a short growing season. There is one sawmill that remains out of several in the area, in Lakeview. 78% of land in the county is owned and managed by the federal and state government. Lakeview also has a perlite mine. There are several protected areas in Lake County, which include part of Deschutes National Forest, Fremont National Forest, Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, which features big-horn sheep, pronghorn, sage grouse, predatory birds and migratory birds. Fort Rock and Fort Rock Homestead Village Museum feature a site where camel bones and Native American artifacts have been uncovered, including the "world's oldest shoes, " believed to be from the far west from 4, 000 years ago. Some other attractions in the county include Warner Canyon ski area, Gearhart Mountain Wilderness, Summer Lake Hot Springs and Summer Lake Wildlife Area, Goose Lake, Hunter's Hot Springs and Lake County Round-Up Museum. Oregon sunstones are found north of Plush and Glass Buttes are high desert mountains in the northeastern part of the county with large deposits of obsidian, both favorite collecting areas for "rockhounds."

Union County is located in the north-central part of Oregon's Eastern region. La Grande is the largest city and the county seat, and there are seven other cities and around 12 unincorporated communities. The county's economy is based on natural resources, which include farming of wheat, fruit, vegetables, mint and grass seed, cattle and sheep ranching and timber. There is a large windfarm located in the county. Eastern Oregon University is located in Union County, in La Grande. There are a large number of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hunting, fishing, skiing and camping. Some attractions in the county include Anthony Lakes Ski Area, the Minam River, Mount Emily, the Blue Mountains, Umatilla National Forest, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, including Eagle Cap Wilderness, Catherine Creek State Park, Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area, Thief Valley Reservoir, Cove Hot Springs Pool and the Eagle Cap Excursion Train.

Baker County is located in the eastern part of Oregon's Eastern region, and borders Idaho to the east. Baker city is the largest city and the county seat, with other cities being Haines, Halfway, Huntington, Richland, Sumpter and Unity, and there are nearly 30 other unincorporated communities. Gold mining was the original reason for settlement in the area, and at one time the county was the largest gold producer in the Northwest United States. Eventually the gold fields in the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge were depleted, and primary industries became agriculture, livestock and logging. Around 30% of the county is forested. Tourism also contributes to the economy, with many opportunities for outdoor recreation. National protected areas in the county include parts of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Malheur National Forest and Whitman National Forest. Other attractions include Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, Anthony Lakes Ski Area, National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Baker Heritage Museum, Geiser Grand Hotel, a historic landmark built in 1889, and the Shoreline Trail at Phillips Reservoir and Sumpter Valley Railway.

You can also search LandWatch to find local real estate agents who specialize in land and rural retreats in the Eastern region of Oregon. Plus, sign up for our land-for-sale email alerts to get notifications about new land listings matching your search parameters the Eastern region of Oregon! Visit LandWatch's Oregon land for sale page to browse more listings for sale throughout the state.